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PDF-Production of Gallium-68 on High Current Cyclotron Solid Target - ON-173
Preferred Disciplines: Medical Biophysics, Chemical Engineering (Post-Doc)
Company: ARTMS Products Inc. Project Length: 2 years (6 units) Desired start date: As soon as possible Location: This posting is looking for a PDF to work with Dr. Michael Kovacs (Western University) in partnership with ARTMS, based in British Columbia.

Project Description: This Postdoctoral fellow will design, implement and test a novel cyclotron target for the production of gallium-68. This project will be performed as a collaboration between Lawson Health Research, ARTMS Products Inc. and TRIUMF. Gallium-68 is an emerging and important isotope used for the diagnosis and treatment monitoring of prostate cancer. The postdoctoral candidate will have the opportunity to work independently or with colleagues in the use of various metal manufacturing techniques and chemistry methods to detail target performance and isotope yields and purity. Being a joint position between these organizations, the Postdoctoral candidate will work roughly 50% of the time in Vancouver doing target development and 50% in London performing tests at the Lawson cyclotron facility.

Research Objectives:​

  • Develop a novel target design including automated target dissolution, purification and radiopharmaceutical preparation and quality control.
  • Leverage past chemical engineering experience to study and establish target performance specifications during and after proton irradiation.
  • Represent the project at conference symposia and publish the study data in the peer reviewed literature

Methodology: To be determined

Expertise and Skills Needed: Ph.D. in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or equivalent field of research. A knowledge of isotope-based research is preferred. In addition, candidates should have the ability to learn to safely prepare and handle radiopharmaceuticals. Skills will be developed in the areas of high-temperature sintering techniques, electroplating, electrodeposition, chromatography, radiation detectors, and other analytical devices. more>

Radiopharmacist (Fedoruk Centre)

Job Profile: Radiopharmacist PRIMARY PURPOSE: The Radiopharmacist is responsible for ensuring radiopharmaceutical product quality (Canadian regulations for Good Manufacturing Practices) in both clinical and research settings, as well as to support translational research by academic or industry users of facilities in the Saskatchewan Centre for Cyclotron Sciences. NATURE OF WORK: Reporting to the SCCS Facility Manager, the Radiopharmacist is part of a team that manufactures PET imaging agents for medical diagnoses and treatments in regional hospitals, along with supporting the development of novel radiopharmaceuticals for preclinical and clinical trials, among other applications in life sciences. Producing isotopes, radiochemicals and radiopharmaceuticals, as well as nuclear imaging of living specimens, are all supported by specialized facilities and expertise in the Saskatchewan Centre for Cyclotron Sciences (SCCS). The SCCS is equipped with an ACSI TR-24 cyclotron, Positron Emitting Radiopharmaceutical (PER) production laboratories (for both research-grade and Health Canada-compliant grade handling of PERs), as well as a cold chemistry laboratory and a PET-imaging facility. Responsibilities for the radiopharmacist include optimizing the radiopharmaceutical chemistry operations for PERs as well as participating in the production and development of research radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals. The position will be responsible for ensuring full compliance with quality regulations and customer specifications. The position will hold a primary responsibility to advise SCCS management, staff and users about risks of adverse reactions or issues of quality, and to take the lead in risk mitigations. The primary work environment is the suite of offices and labs in the Saskatchewan Centre for Cyclotron Sciences.

09 Sep 2018
Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry Technician RA3
Reference # 74303
Temporary Full Time (Until Sept 2022) Vancouver, BC

Under limited supervision, the Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry Technician (RA3) prepares routine radiopharmaceuticals for the Centre of Excellence for Functional Cancer Imaging. The Technician is responsible for producing a daily supply of radiopharmaceuticals to meet the scheduled workload at the PET facility while ensuring that all procedures and protocols for radiopharmaceutical production are followed accurately. This requires the daily coordination of the production of the required quantity of radioisotopes from the cyclotron, production of radiopharmaceuticals using a manual methods or synthesis modules, completion of required quality controls and documentation of all results. The Technician troubleshoots and resolves technical equipment problems as necessary in order to maintain daily radiopharmaceutical output and clinical or research patient throughput. The Technician assists in the development of standard operating procedures that will help establish GMP-compliance for the facility as a producer/distributor of PET radiopharmaceuticals. This responsibility includes providing orientation to new radiochemistry staff and contributing to the preparation of scientific papers or grant applications as required. Works collaboratively on research activities with external groups as required. This position is grant-funded for 4 years with possibility of extension to 5 years, for the purpose of production of Lu-177 and Ac-225 labelled radiopharmaceuticals in development of new radiotherapies. Majority of time will be spent at TRIUMF - Canada’s particle accelerator centre, due to collaborative nature of the project.

Last updated:22 October, 2018
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