Internet resources related to nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy

IAEA Medical Isotopes Browser

The updates have been recently launched during the ISTR 2019. The browser provides you with excellent tools to estimate production yields from different targets and sources.

The browser can be accessed here

The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

It an international scientific and professional organization founded in 1954 to promote the science, technology and practical application of nuclear medicine. Its 15,000 members are physicians, technologists and scientists specializing in the research and practice of nuclear medicine. In addition to publishing journals, newsletters and books, the Society also sponsors international meetings and workshops designed to increase the competencies of nuclear medicine practitioners and to promote new advances in the science of nuclear medicine.

The Whole Brain Atlas:

More CT images than radionuclide images but the individual cases are interesting since you can pull down individual slices through the brain in an interactive manner or run the brain scans in cine mode. The cases with both radionuclide and MRI also show the use of superimposition where the images from the two methods are overlaid to give even more information.

Teaching files from Mallinckrodt:

Lots of images using conventional radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis.

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