Cessation of Mo-99 Production Activities by NTP Radioisotopes Ltd. (NTP) Update ANSTO Press Release – OPAL reactor – Update
Posted: January 21, 2019

The AIPES Security of Supply working Group (SoS WG) composed of Mo-99 processors, research reactors, and generator manufacturers received an update from NTP Radioisotopes (South Africa) on January 19, 2019, concerning its Mo-99 and I-131 production activities. NTP recently was authorized by the National Nuclear Regulator of South Africa to continue to perform routine Mo-99 production runs at around 40% of its capacity through the end of February 2019, which is the same level that has occurred since NTP returned to production in late November 2018.

No Mo-99 or I-131 shortages have been experienced since NTP returned to service and none is anticipated in this upcoming period. NTP will update AIPES in late February regarding its Mo-99 and I-131 production activities.


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